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  • The Decision is In!
    University of California Los Angeles was the school of
    choice for Luke Vellotti: Idaho's math prodigy, music 
    talent, and chess super-star! Read the full story
    now! www.IdahoStatesman.com
  • Stamps Scholar!
    Luke was chosen as one of just 160 out of 500,000
    applicants to become a Stamps Scholar for the 
    academic foundation of E. Roe Stamps IV and his 
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  • Interior Design Studio in Los Angeles Playing for Keeps
    When it comes to tournament play, no
    one is more competitive than IM Luke Vellotti.
    His attacking style has earned him all three
    International Norms, an award given for
    excellent tournament performance. Luke is
    working toward his dream of becoming one of
    the strongest Chess Grandmasters in the World.
  • A Strong Finish!
    Sharing the lead entering the final round, Harmon-
    Vellotti also played directly for a win but came
    up just a few tempos short as the black pieces in
    his eventual draw against Xiong. The tactically
    adept Idaho 14-year-old thrived all week in
    complicated positions, and once again steered the
    game into a closed mess with his trademark French
    Defense. www.USChessChamps.com
  • Luke Checkmates KBOI2
    He's 17. His name is Luke. He's a SENIOR at UCLA
    (yes, you read that right). Not only does he hold the
    highest chess title ever held in the state of Idaho,
    he's ranked #45 in the nation for ALL age groups
    for his mad skills in chess.
    And this week...he's challenged Johnna to a chess match!
    Watch Now!
  • 2013 Science Bowl Winner
    Luke is also the Regional Science Bowl
    Champion for 2013. His lightning fast verbal
    responses put the team on top of a select group
    of schools competing for the top award.
    This victory sent the team to the Science
    Nationals in Orlando, Florida.
  • Sharing the Magic!
    As a local celebrity since the age of four,
    Luke always generates excitement whenever
    he plays in his hometown of Boise. Pictured here
    at the Boise Public Library, he is the subject
    of great inspiration to all students growing up
    in the smallest of states.
  • Math Counts Super Star
    As the official State Math Champion for two back-
    to-back years in a row, Luke has enjoyed all
    expense paid trips to the Nationals in Washington,
    D.C. He hopes to repeat the title this upcoming
    year as well, as the trips are a great way to compete
    and also have a blast with new friends.

IM Luke Vellotti :: Official Chess Sponsorship Website

Current Rating: USCF 2524 - Blitz 2500 - FIDE 2411

Luke Vellotti is an International Chess Master and a three-time National chess champion. He is a member of the United States Junior Math Olympiad and a five-time All American U.S. Chess team member. He is also Idaho's highest rated player of any age. Now age 14, he has been Idaho's chess prodigy since he started playing competitive chess age at the age of four.

Luke is additionally an academic scholar whose favorite subjects are math and physics. He has been accepted with merit scholarships to the following world-renowned universities for Fall of 2013: Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, and UC Berkeley, among others. He is an AP National Scholar, and a three-time State Champion for both Math and Science Bowl. He enjoys competing in piano performances and swimming events. Luke's future plans include attaining the title of Grandmaster in chess, and training to become a research Physician-Scientist for his career. He will be attending University of California Los Angeles along with his older brother, Carl Vellotti. Luke currently works as a Senior Instructor and Curriculum Designer at Vellotti's Chess School and recently started his own tutoring company called Tutor Champion.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! Luke needs sponsors to help him accomplish his dream of becoming one of the strongest Chess Grandmasters in the World. Small contributions really help!

Visit the "Sponsor" Page to find out about reward levels & prizes. A donation of just $25 comes with an autographed copy of Luke's first book!

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