Hometown: Boise, Idaho

         Birthday: November 24, 1998

         Coach: Daniel Vellotti, assisted by Dr. Michael Gold

         School: Treasure Valley Math & Science Center

         Work: Vellotti's Chess School

         Favorites Things: Chess, math, science, piano, YMCA swim team, Peanut the cat

         Most Notable Chess Accomplishments:

         Earned International Master Title (2013)

         Invited to Junior Closed Championship (2013)

         Achieved Second IM Norm (2012)

         Highest Rated FIDE Player U14 (2012)

         1st Place United States Champion G/15 (2011)

         Achieved First IM Norm (2011)

         Achieved National Master Title (2010)

         Inducted onto All American Chess Team (2009)

         Top U.S. Junior for Age Category (repeated numerous times)

         1st Place GM Susan Polgar World Open Puzzle Solving Contest (2009)

         1st Place National Open U2100 Section (2008)

         1st Place Overall in Idaho High School Championship (2008)

         1st Place Overall Grade Nationals (2007)

         1st Place Overall Blitz Nationals (2007)

         1st Place Overall Bughouse Nationals (2007)



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        "Boise Boy Invited to World Championships" (2008)

        "Score 1 for Idaho!" (2008)

        "Second-grader dominates simultaneous chess display" (2007)

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        "Daniel Vellotti trains future chess whizzes" (2005)

        "Meridian youngster excels at chess" (2004)



                  GREATEST GAMES

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