Thank You to the Sponsors!


E. Roe Stamps IV and Penelope Stamps Scholar Foundation ($177, 500)


University of Idaho ($3,000)


Mark Schein & Aviv Friedman ($2,000)


Michael Stadther ($500)


Stewart Chagrin


Kevin, Danielle, Emily & Katie Patterson


Nona Driscoll


San Diego Chess Club ($180)


Eric Shelton


Bobra Ritchea


Debi McNeil


Phipps Family (Jonah and Nathan)


Witte Family (Sam, Luke, and Matt)


Dick Vandenburg


"Boise Kennels"


Andrew Terteling & Family


Tate Family



Griffith Family (Owen & Iris)


Janos Fuscko


Hecht Family (Zac)


Eva Lucas


Chong Jin Ong


Christine Avey & Family


Larry Parsons


Kerry Sernel


Scott Strattner


Corporate sponsor benefits also available, upon request!

Sponsorship of Luke is only an immediate goal of the Fund.  Ultimately, we intend to use any resources received thru private donations to assist other talented and dedicated players in this sport.


  Royal Emperor Level - $250+

description: All of the items listed below, plus Banquet Party with Luke for Sponsor and (3) guests


King Level - $100

description: invitation to Banquet Party with Luke!  Additional guests of Sponsor $25 each.


Queen Level - $75

description: Private Chess Lesson with Vellotti's Chess Kids


Rook Level - $50

description: Autographed picture of in cherry wood Photo Plaque with Sponsors name engraved


Bishop Level - $25

description: "How I Became an Expert by the Age of 10" book by Luke Vellotti. Original cover artwork designed just for Luke by Jovan Prokopavich.


Knight Level - $10

description: Autographed picture displayed in framed certificate


Pawn Level - $5

description: Autographed picture